Tsunami …
is the Mediterranean at risk?

An image of the terrible tsunami of 26 December 2004

What is a tsunami?

    A Japanese word

What does it look like?

    Many forms, one warning sign

What causes a tsunami?

    Common causes and rarer causes

The intensity of a tsunami

    A definition based on damage caused

The tsunami of 26 December 2004

    The tsunami of Sumatra

The tsunami of 17 July 2006

    The tsunami of Java Island

The alarm system in the Pacific

    A monitored ocean

The situation in the Mediterranean

    Are we safe?

Questions and answers

S. Tinti  &   Tsunami Research Team
Physics Department - University of Bologna    

Useful links

 Tsunami Research Team (University of Bologna)
  NOAA Center for Tsunami Research
  NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
  International Tsunami Information Center (ITIC)
  Information on Tsunami 2004:
    - "Scientific Background on the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami" - Columbia University
    - "2004 Indian Ocean earthquake" - Wikipedia
    - "Sumatra  Earthquake  (Mw~9.0) of DECEMBER 26, 2004" - Istanbul Technical University


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