"Mad Cow Disease"

Mad cow disease

    What is it?

A bit of history

    Disease in animals and humans

The cause

    What  causes mad cow disease in cattle and other animals?

Transmission of BSE

    How is mad cow disease transmitted to animals and humans?

The recent "mad cow" crisis

    What measures have been adopted to prevent the spread of mad cow disease?

Effects on humans

    Some breakthroughs in the emergency

Looking to the future


Questions and answers



R. Rosmini  &  A. Pallotti     

Useful links

 Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Piemonte, Liguria & ValleD'Aosta
 Office International des Epizoties (OIE)
  DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) : BSE - homepage
  The National Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance Unit
  The Official Mad Cow Disease Home Page
  Europa: Gateway to the European Union

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